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We provide various services to land owners to enhance their own land to peak performance and enjoyment.

Land Owner Services

Growing antlers are comprised mainly of calcium and phosphorus. Potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc are present also but in lesser quantities. Providing bucks with high levels of calcium and phosphorous can greatly jump start antler growth. Our minerals are beneficial for pregnant does and aid in milk production, metabolism, and bone growth. Our mineral is also beneficial to fawn and yearling skeletal development. During the spring and summer, a deer's plant rich diet means they are well hydrated but are lacking sodium, another important component of our mineral mix.

Land Owner Services

Happy Deer

If you have your own land that needs improvements, we may be able to help. We offer a wide assortment of services to make your land more inviting for deer and you.

Contact us to discuss how we can help improve your favorite hunting grounds at 270-823-6594 or info@tbtwhitetail.com.

    Available Services

  • Cut Trails
  • Setup Food Plots
  • Set Stands
  • Feed Management
  • Trail Camera Management
  • Create 4-wheeler paths

Land Owner - Food Plots

We are land specialists that can help you with structuring farms to maximize hunting opportunities. We cut and create trails, food plots, mineral sites, stand locations, and help set up camera installations. We can also email camera pictures of feeder sites for those who live out of town or are too busy to do it. We make your farm make memories.

Brush Cutting and Land Clearing

Forestry mulching is a land clearing method that uses a machine to cut, grind, and clear unwanted vegetation. This process is great in applications where erosion control is in need. This process leaves the soil structure in place and limits the disturbance of the soil. The mulched material can be left in place to help with erosion and decomposition to add organic material to the soil. This makes the soil more fertile for food plots or grasses for the wildlife.